Black Poppy vase, using a banding wheel.

2nd place IPAT show Albuquerque N.M.

Oval, Basil Ede's birds painted with Daphne Powers.

12x16", fruit and butterfly from greeting card. Original by Majolien Bastin.

12" coupe Eagle.

12x16" Horses in surf from an oil painting.

14" round Bald Eagle.

12 x 16" Tile. Blue birds from a greeting card. Done by Majolien Bastin.

14" round Golden Eagle.

12x20" Elk family from old study.

12 x 16" Hawk from an oil painting.

8x10" Basil Ede's study of Nuthatch.

12x16" Pen work English cottage scene. Sold

12x16" Clown.

Running Stallions, old study.

12x16 Hen in Bucket from a study by Helen Van Wyke.

15x17" cows by Landseer.

8x10" white poppies painted with Kay Godshalk.

4x12" tray with old scene.

8x10 pansy painted with Stephen Hayes.

12" coupe painted with Donna Huck.

8x10" Egret, painted with Vicky Hand at 2002 OPAR school.

12" round poppies painted with Stephen Hayes.

14" floor vase, Clown Heaven

9x14" tile, Skelton clowns, incised.

9x14" tile, Skelton clowns, incised.

12" plate, Skelton clown.

12" plate, Skelton clown.

12" Clown.

9x14" tile, Skelton clown, incised.

Black Rooster, painted with Brenda M. Moore

12" x 16" tile. Snow scene.

Truck painted for a friend. Given as a gift.