Seminars: Available from June to October


            If you are interested in booking a seminar for one of these pieces, or perhaps another one on this site, contact me at  .


            The size of the class: minimum 10—maximum 12

                                                Experience level—any level


            Cost is $20.00 per day per person

            Lodging, Transportation or gas, we will talk about.




Study # 1: Eagle------Supplies needed: 12” coupe, or reduce to 10”

Tracing supplies

Colors or Standard pallet

Mixing yellow

Yellow brown

Yellow brown #2

Dark brown and black

Old Russian or tourq.

Background: Black green, med green, lt green

Or your own background colors.


I use a closed medium and a blender brush, if you use an open medium then bring a large flat brush for backgrounds.

Study #2: Snow Scene……..Supplies needed tiles 12x16 or 10x14 or 9x13

Tracing supplies

Pen and small tile

Big stand to hold the tile

Standard Pallet & your regular brushes

Colors to be sure you have: Black Grape, Baby blue, True blue, Dk. Brown, Black, Yellow Brown, yellow brn #2, foliage green, Black green.

Study #3: Eagle (Incised) ---.Supplies needed 10” coupe, hard only.

Tracing supplies

Incising supplies, I will bring some also

Liquid Bright Gold & Roman Gold

Red Resist

Standard Pallet & regular brushes

Be sure you have: -------Black grape, Dark Brown. Yellow brown, mixing yellow. Yellow brown #2, black


“This eagle eyes will follow you everywhere”