12" Coupe, Pharaohs Horses in Rookwood.

12"x16" Tile, Old study of Horses.

11"x14" matted tile, old study painted with Jean Bushnell.

15"x17" tile, Delft study in Brown.

12"x16" pen work barn with leather like border.

12"x16" tile, Rainbow Trout.

12" coupe, Berger~Miester.

Snow scene. 12"x 16" tile.

12" Center piece, flat couped bowl, incised Eagle.

12" Flat center piece bowl, sold.

Bald Eagle. 8" x 10" tile.

The lady and the bug- 10' x14" tile. Penwork with washes of color. Given as a gift.

Bald Eagle. 8"x 10" tile.

Golden Eagle. 10" x 14" tile.

Bay Horse. 8" x 10" tile.

Spooked. 12" x 16" tile. Taken from a Leanin Tree card.

Old study of three retired old friends getting a drink. 12" x 16" tile.

Unicorn in the surf. 8" x 10" tile. Given as a gift.